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  • garybibb


    I just started a new site using WP2, I currently have one using 1.5 .

    With the new one using WP2, I cannot log in. I have searched through this forum and have tried many things suggested,even going so far as to totally delete WP and re-install it. Every time I try to login, it redirects me to the loging screen again and again.

    Is what I keep getting. Any other ideas?

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  • garybibb


    What should I do? Re-install it a third time? Anyone?



    No one. . .



    Doesn’t look like it…. and please do NOT keep bumping your thread. Bumps are “okay” after a couple of days….

    Sometimes it can take a couple of days for people with info to answer your question to get back here and read all the unanswered posts (which of course yours isn’t, since you artificially bumped it twice).

    Patience is a virtue.

    He bumped one hour later. I don’t know if it’s still called “a bump.”

    Anyway I (and many others) also have the same problem and no one seems to know the solution. I was looking for the answer for a few days all over the internet and but no one came up with a solution.

    Has a fix for this been found yet?

    I, too, have this problem of trying to log in only to be redirected back to the login page.

    I can directly access the wp-admin page but any attempt to do anything results in me being bounced back to the login page.

    Any thoughts?

    I too have this same problem.
    Funny thing is that I have another blog on the same host set up the exactly same way (from what I can tell) and it works fine.
    I have tried all the suggested fixs etc to no avail except I have found that it has something to do with Zone Alarm. When ZA is turned off it seems to work OK, when ZA is on it keeps going back to the login screen even though it is the right password.I have tried adding it to trusted sites etc under the ‘Privacy’ tab and allowing all the options etc.
    Also have tried this both with Explorer and Firefox.
    One interesting thing is that if you click in the address bar of the browser (after you have attempted to login once or twice) and then hit GO or Return you can enter the blog OK. But when you want to go to another page you have to go through the same process…click in address bar and go etc..

    Any ideas?


    P.S As I was writing this I figured out one way to get it to work (with ZA). Under the Firewall tab select Zones then add your site there as a trusted site/host. This seems to work.
    Funny thing is that my other blog doesn’t need this.

    ZoneAlarm has proven itself to be a culprit a number of times before, as I recall. I’ve never had this problem while using my trusty Kerio V2, so I can suggest you try it without ZA and see if that works for you.

    Thanks, but what I did seems to work with ZA. Still amused one site works without having to add it to trusted zones.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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