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  • I did a quick search for “login redirect” – this is the result.

    hey moshu thanks for the pointer, I tried searching the logins but didnt do one for that….
    unfortunately the PHPmyadmin bit doesnt fix my problem.
    looking at my wp_options table the site url is
    this is of course my wordpress directory.. since I cant login I cant check my options but I do know that I have my url’s set up like this:
    Wordpress Address (URI):
    Blog Address (URI):
    (index.php I have because the site is still in DEV, keeping the index.html splash page intact)
    Ive tried the myadmin bit, have cleared out all cookies and wiped cache and tried logging in with diff browsers and still get the redirect.
    Comparing the wp_options table on the one blog that I can login to still the settings are the same (ie they all have wp_options pointing to the wp directory)
    fyi, in my earlier post I explain that I have 3 blogs installed on one DB, mainwp, featureswp, afdwp

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Having index.php in that line will cause a LOT of problems.
    It needs to go.

    hmm well would you recommend that I wipe out the tables on that blog and reinstall since I cant login?
    then should I name it something different like “dev.php” then change it when the site goes live?

    What podz say: the 2 URIs should NOT end in a filename but directory name only!

    any ideas then how I can get my blog going when the index is in the root? I need to keep index.html there for the splash.
    would it be alot of work to point it to the folder where wp is and then point it to the root directory to go live?

    While you are developing it you should keep the index.php in the wp directory (and meanwhile you can have anything in the root).
    About having wp and the index.php in different directories, see:

    ok moshu, so what youre saying is that for now until I go live to keep both my URI’s pointed to the same place?
    Wordpress Address (URI):
    Blog Address (URI):

    Wouldn’t that make your life easier? 😉

    heh, yeah, i’m always trying to think ahead, and decide if something is more work now or then, and if I can do something differently now to save work later I try to impliment that…
    hopefully you both have solved my problems, I had no idea that file name was the culprit, hopefully it was just that…
    thanks again mates.. will update after reinstalls….

    Rock and/or Roll!
    I’m good to go after my reinstalls… Just really want to thank both of you. I’m in the middle of a huge project and it took a while before these problems surfaced as I had these installs for over a month and had no probs till I did an additional one and then discovered these things.
    Well, needless to say that took alot of wind out of my sails, but I got my wind back now…
    thanks again Podz & moshu–



    Okay, the last post on this thread was 11/04. I’ve searched everywhere for 2 days here and I’ve only found issues from 1.2 fresh installs, 1.2 -> 1.5.x.x installs, or 1.2/5 installs on IIS machines.

    I have three wordpress blogs that I use. I can login to 2/3. The third one is a clean install, new domain, new db, new install. The install is on an Apache server…same server the other two 1.5 installs are on.

    I’ve cleared cookies, cache, edited w/ phpmyadmin, etc. Nothing. I wonder why, for some reason, this one particular install doesn’t work?



    You’ll get more response quicker if you start a new thread….

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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