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    Hi MYGM,

    We use and recommend Theme My Login on our site for this, so not sure how to tell you how to fix your own form.

    You can install it from the AddOns tab in PMPro



    Thanks for your response, however Im not sure if my question was understood correctly. I use TML as well, but that doesn’t have anything to do with my problem.

    Whenever I log in I`am redirected to the membership levels page, this is caused by your plugin. How can I fix it so that the plugin does not redirect me anywhere, at all, upon log in. My forms work correctly when pmbpro is deactivated. Is there a way to stop the plugin from redirecting?

    I deleted Paid Membership pro because of a terrible glitch that sent me over 5000 emails about ID #s trying to delete their account when I only had 4 members and had not even launched. I also redirected my WP login page with another and now I cannot login to my wordpress site. How do I replace the regular login page for my site administration now that all the files etc for PMP is gone?

    Sounds like the issue is with another plugin or Theme My Login. Paid Memberships Pro does not handle the WordPress login page. Also if you are using Redirection or another plugin like that, it could be the source of a problem.

    Rename that plugin (Theme my Login or other) via FTP to disable. You can just put a _ in front of the name.

    I can’t get to the administration of the site, so I cannot do anything!

    I need access to the sit to fix anything

    access to my site


    Contact your host. You should have FTP access, that is different from admin access and you access via a FTP client like Filezilla or Cyberduck. If you do not know how to do this, they should be able to help you do this.

    You will need this information for anyone to help you.

    Jason, the developer of Paid Memberships Pro can help you, through his Do It for Me services –
    but this sounds to be related to Theme My Login, and you should just be able to remove that via FTP. Try with your host first.

    I don’t want to access PMP I deleted it because of their issues. I want to go back to accessing my wordpress site through the wordpress login page which I do not have access to NOW!

    Lisa, I appreciate your help, but I never want to work with PMP again so I removed it and all its files and related plug ins for using it. I need to now be able to access the site from login through the regular WP login page.


    I use PMPro for my membership site and it is excellent, and I am very familiar with it. I helped the developer handle the support forums here for a short time, because of the tremendous demand for the plugin.

    I can tell you with certainty that the issue you describe with being unable to access your site is not caused by PMPro and I have given you the best instructions to access your site again.

    Once you deactivate any plugins that are preventing access to your site, you should be able to access it via the admin again. I suggest you contact your host ASAP for assistance with this.

    I know that!!!!! I need to locate my login page of my site and I have tried all sorts of ways and it does not show that. I do not want anything to do with pMP so leave them out of the conversation from now on. My login page for my site is not showing up. How do I find it????? I CANNOT get to the administrations for my site because the login page does not show up anywhere!!!!!

    I do not want to access a membership. I want to get into my site for administrative control again.

    Kat, I understand you need to get into your site as an admin. PMPro or any plugin doesn’t make the login page disappear. The only way the login page URL would be different is if you used a plugin to rename the login page URL.

    What is your site URL? I could help you resolve this issue.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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