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  • anyone?

    I had the same problem, twice. It wouldn’t let me in no matter what computer I used… I tried everything I could think of to get in, and all I could do was blow away the whole database and start fresh! Luckily I was just testing and I didn’t lose anything important, but this sure doesn’t bode well for me and 2.3. I’m back to playing with the old version until they get this fixed, whatever it is.

    I got this problem with the full release of 2.3 – it’s back to the old version for now I guess 🙁

    How is it that you can at least roll back? Will it work if you just do the standard ‘upgrade’ with an older version like 2.2? I was wondering because of the upgrade to the database with upgrade.php. I’d rather not blow away my database…

    If I’m remembering correctly, the first time I experienced the lockout was on an upgraded install (2.2 to 2.3-RC1), and the second time was a perfectly clean install (of 2.3-RC1). So I’m pretty sure it happens either way. If that’s what you’re asking. 🙂

    Phew! Not just me who is getting this then?

    I have upgraded from 2.2(I think) to 2.3 full release and I CANNOT login. I get: “WordPress requires Cookies but your browser does not support them or they are blocked”

    I have tried following the help for phpMyAdmin hacking the password using an MD5 generator and about anything else I can find in the help / support.

    Hoping this thread is going to be posted with a golden nugget that will explain this as right now, I am 100% stuck.

    Hey! Looks like we’re back in business…

    Frischkopp wrote:

    Commenting out lines 24 and 313,314 of the wp-login.php file solved the problem for me. Looks like no other functions are connected to this

    Keep an eye on that thread, I’d say…

    nevermind, wrong forum.

    I didn’t upgrade, the upgrade seems a good time to consider, otherwise there will be a lot of problems. About Cookies, (2.2)Previous version does not have any problems.
    My blog site to the normal operation.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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