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  • When I test this in WP 3.12, I can get the whole ext DB authentiation process to work in terms of plugin configuration – but I cannot resolve a strange problem…

    When logging in as a new user (one that is in the ext DB but the WP user table) – after entering username/password and logging in the login screen reloads with an extra message below:

    User registration is not available from this site, so you can’t create an account or retrieve your password from here. See the message above.

    and I have to login again.

    Surely this is not working right ?

    A new user should not have to login twice.

    Please help

    I am 99.9% there with my WP setup – except for this one small issue


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  • I just ran into the same problem you were having and thought you might like to know how I got around it.

    It seems to be happening because of the hook placed on ‘user_register’ to call the function disable_function().

    The first time you try and log in the user doesn’t exist in the internal database so it has to register it (happens through the call to wp_insert_user()) which ends upt calling disable_function() in the plugin which has an exit() call which ends script execution immediately.

    You seem to be having a slightly different issue than I am since I was getting a blank page with just the option to return at the top. Might be an extra plugin or something causing the different.

    To solve the problem all you need to do is remove the hook placed on ‘user_register’ to call disable_function() in the plugin php file at the bottom.

    I also edited the wp-login.php file to remove links to ‘Register’ and ‘Lost your password’ so they don’t even show up.

    Hey – thanks so much for the reply

    which part do I remove in the plugin php file ?


    add_action(‘user_register’, ‘disable_function’);


    IT WORKS !

    THANKS !!

    any time =-)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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