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    I tried to login to my site yesterday and today to finally get back to work here, and my login page is timing out. I tried everything on ths “login troubles” page ( and I’m still not having any luck. (Cleared cache, rename plugins and theme directories, check SiteURL in database, upload new wp_login file…. I mean, I went through the whole list).

    My specific error is that it tries to go to the login page, and then I get ERR_TIMED_OUT. Doesn’t matter which browser.

    The site is up and seems to be fine — people can leave comments, my server is fine, I’ve scanned for malware, etc.., there’s no entries in the error_log from today or yesterday and I haven’t changed or done anything since I wrote a post over a month ago. In fact, I was hoping to back everything up this weekend so I could get upgraded again.

    Any ideas?

    The site is

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  • Use a ftp client or host’s file manager to rename the /plugins folder. This will deactivate your plugins and hopefully allow you to log in. If it allows you to log in, rename the folder back to original (plugins) and activate the plugins one by one in the dashboard until the login issue re-appears. Once it re-appears you know which plugin broke the site 🙂

    Patrick — thank you for the suggestion — I had already tried that before I posted. I also tried renaming the theme and several other things, too. Unfortunately none of it helped. Do you have any other suggestions? I’m really stumped!!!

    Hmm, that’s frustrating. Is there anything useful being posted in the server error_log? You may need to contact your hosting provider.

    Patrick, no, it’s a complete mystery! There’s no entries in the last five days from the error log, and I only have been trying to login today and yesterday. I don’t understand — I haven’t changed anything, and all the other files work — commenting, serving posts, everything except the login. I will submit a support ticket to my host, but why would that one .php file time out when all the other files work fine?

    Who’s your webhost? This sounds … familiar.

    It’s — I’ve been with them for years and years and never had any trouble, and I’ve been hosting my WordPress sites there for several years, too. But last night I checked and all if my sites are doing the same thing. They’re all up and running *except* that the login page times out. I put in a support ticket but if you have any suggestions on what to tell them or what it might be id be very grateful. This is a disaster!!



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    Many hosts experienced problems due to mass attacks recently and temporarily disabled access to wp-admin and/or wp-login.php as a result. Your hosts may be one of them. Try contacting them about it.

    esmi, you nailed it! I just got word back from the host — they had been under a bing bot attack and had to shut down WP admin access. They’ve fixed it and I can access my sites now. WHEW!!!! Thanks everyone!



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    Glad to hear that the problem has been sorted. 🙂

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