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  1. MSAMR
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    I have a problem with the website that I am working on. Suddenly, I had noticed that when I tried to log in either using the wp-login.php or the wp-admin, it just takes me straight to the home page - I never get to see the login panel. Oddly, I was still able to access my admin account in my Chrome browser as I was already logged in and I daren't log out. I could not however log in using my account if I tried on Safari or Firefox (I am using a MacBook Pro). If trying to access from another machine, I get the same problem as described of getting redirected.

    Whatever machine or browser, when I try to access a login panel I get in the address bar..............


    Whilst I could still access through my Chrome, I tried disabling all the plugins and switching to the 20 10, but this made no difference.

    Now, I somehow got logged out and I cannot access my admin account at all.

    Around the time this problem appeared, I was loading up plugins, and I did upgrade the WordPress version to the latest. I am not sure which version it was running before (I am just getting to know WordPress, and there are things which I know now I should have done at the time, and I have learnt a lot through searching for a solution!).

    I suspect that one of the wp files has somehow been modified, perhaps by a plugin, perhaps by the upgrade or a combination. I am familiar with cPanel and wonder - if I knew where to look and what to change, could it be a case of replacing a line or even an entire file in there somewhere?

    It is driving m mad since I cannot currently access the website at all as an administrator or user of any type.

    Thank you very much in advance for anything you may be able to tell me........

    Yours hopefully...........

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