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  • I have the same issue. Register, login, and password reset are all broken if Hide Backend is active. This is on nginx.

    When you use the hide login area you have to use the slug you generated instead of the wp-admin slug. When it is enabled it will throw a 404 for all the default WordPress slugs.

    Just had an issue with this on the clients site, fixed it just few minutes ago.

    For whatever reason, it wasn’t working. I had to reset hide backend feature through database.

    Inside _options table, you need to find option called itsec_hide_backend. Update the value to a:0:{} and save. This will turn your hide backend feature off. Go back in and re-enable it, and it should work. Works on our end.

    @: m_butcher: The slug created was the one that was being used. But it still was giving that 404 page error. When disabling the feature, it took me to the login page.

    @: Viktor Nagornyy: I did what you had recommended. But when going back and activating the feature, the values get updated to the same again.

    * Solution Worked for ME: Delete and Re-Install plugin. Activate the option again. It worked. Though you will have to rework on other security settings as well.

    Mark it as resolved 🙂


    An alternative solution, is to open the .htaccess file with write mode enable (CHMOD 644 or permissions: rw-r–r–) and erase temporaly :

    # BEGIN Hide Backend
    # Rules to hide the dashboard
    RewriteRule ^/xxxxxxxxxxx/?$ /wp-login.php [QSA,L]

    # END Hide Backend

    xxxxxxxxxxx is the slug you have used instead of wp-admin or login.php

    i hope that will help other people also


    It will not disable hide backend feature by simply removing the rewrite. New plugin uses database option for the rewrite as I can tell. Removing it does not disable it in my tests.

    Hello Viktor

    Yes it will.
    For this feature, in the database you have only the saved setting, and this take effect in the .htaccess file.

    This is my experience and my opinion. Only the dev of this plugin is the one who can really confirm or not what i am saying.

    Have a nice night


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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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