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  • When things become abnormal, then first work is to activate the default theme, deactivate all the plugins. If you rename the /wp-content/plugins directory via FTP, plugins get deactivated. Again if you rename back to default name, they can be activated.

    Possibly you are connected to WP Remote. There should be this plugin –
    If it is true, then you may ask the Plugin specific support –
    That username-password will be different from WordPress’s username-password.

    List your installed plugins as reply.

    Thanks Abhishek. However, I am not a developer. I had the site and CMS set up for me by developers. I don’t have a clue what you mean by renaming a directory via FTP. The problem is I can’t get into my plugins like I could before. Can you suggest a way to fix this for someone tech-ignorant like me?


    I thought someone will reply you. Just for reference for your question –

    Use any FTP software like FileZilla to login to your server.
    Browse where your WordPress website’s wp-config.php file is.
    You will see wp-content directory.
    Inside wp-content directory, there will beplugins` named directory.
    Rename that plugins named directory to bak.plugins from right click option for disabling all the plugins.

    For disabling a specific plugin, instead of renaming the fullplugins named directory; go inside the plugins directory & find your plugin’s named directory. Take that I have these directories inside the /wp-content/plugins dir :

    header-footer wp-fragment-cache
    humans-txt wp-optimize
    index.php yet-another-related-posts-plugin

    If I suspect wp-optimize is doing the wrong, I will rename it to bak.wp-optimize.

    Reverting back :

    Removing the bak dot by renaming will restore the active state. Like bak.wp-optimize to wp-optimize , like they were before.

    Why bak dot:

    bak.plugins and .plugins both are different names. We can use .plugins for renaming, but basically new users may not adjust the FTP software’s settings to see the dot named directory. We may forget if we rename plugins to xyz or 123. What you’ll name does not matter.

    Prevention in future:

    Always test anything on a test WordPress setup first. It can be just a sub-domain of your domain or another domain or localhost. Live website editing may increase the downtime.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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