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  • what URL are you trying to log in to? Does it tell you “wrong username” or “wrong password”?




    It tries to redirect to:


    But cannot so it reloads the login.php! But no error messages.

    There is another thread on same problem at

    do you have a link?

    Hmm…I see nothing in the source code that’s off – of course, it’s PHP so I guess I wouldn’t. But putting in the incorrect password is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

    I don’t know, have you checked the wp-login.php file on your hard drive (that you uploaded) against the file on the server? If they aren’t the same filesize, it could have been corrupted in the transfer….

    I’m at a loss here.

    Me too :'(

    I’m not the only one with this problem. But still, I would like to know why, or how I can fix this.


    Did you try reinstalling with fresh files? That’s the only thing I could think, is that something got corrupted.

    Or maybe clear your cache? That might be doing it, too.

    Do you have your browser set to accept cookies by default? If your browser is blocking cookies then WP will do exactly what you describe.

    Alternatively, even if it is accepting cookies, it could be a corrupted cookie. In which case you need to delete cookies for your site and try again.


    I cleared my database tables uploaded fresh copies of wp-config.php, etc. Reinstalled. Successfully repopulated database. Still same problem!

    I hav emptied the cache, removed the cookies.

    Still same problem!

    I’m willing to try anything at this point :-{

    BTW, this is the URL generated by the login.

    at first blush it looks okay. But I noticed an “extra” bit of URL encoding in the redirect


    instead of


    Am I reaching?

    I am having same exact same problem. Reinstalled, etc.

    I have a lousy workaround:
    If I place my cursor to the end of the URL and hit enter, THEN it takes me to the Admin page or whatever page was referred in the redirect.

    This tells me it is the REDIRECT in the URL that is failing.

    Firefox and Internet Explorer same thing.
    Please help?

    Ahhh…you have a space in your URL! You have “member folders” instead of “member-folders” or “member_folders”.

    Can you change that? (of course, if you do, you’ll probably need to update your database with the new URL – otherwise it’ll disappear – it’s easy enough to do if you have phpMyAdmin access to your databases) That could be what’s screwing things up. Because WordPress will put in dashes for things with spaces – like for your category slugs and such? I’d say that’s why it’s doing it.

    Unfortunately, I did not set up the site architecture. And it’s more than updating the database. It’s updating every single link from hundreds of pages.

    But before we say “Eureka!” I am going to reinstall WP in the home directory and see if that makes a difference.

    Okay – that’d be a good idea. I’m not *positive* that the space it’s what’s doing it – but it’s definitely a possibility.

    There also may be a way around it…I know there was another case a while back where the space in the links was causing an issue, but I’d have to search around and try to find it (it’s been a while) and see what the solution is.

    Maybe you could just use .htaccess to rewrite the URLs on the site? That’s a possibility.

    Options +FollowSymlinks
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule ^member%20folders/... members_folders... [nc]

    I know that last line is wrong – I’m not .htaccess expert. But I know you can do something like that to help rewrite the URL so that you’re directed to the proper place – hopefully someone better versed in it can come along and assist in the proper format. But you could also look it up and find some .htaccess tutorials on how to write it and experiment.

    But you’d need to place the .htaccess file in the /barney folder – maybe it’s the /barney/wordpress folder – but I think it’s the upper level that you need to place it in.

    Seriously, I hope someone better versed in .htaccess can improve upon my idea here, but I think it would work.


    I’ve experienced the exact same thing here

    I started out having WordPress installed in a /wordpress folder, and install goes well, tables made everything a success, get to the login page and enter info and it redirects from


    If i enter incorrect data into the login area, it does stop me so i know that that part of it is working.

    I actually got in once, and used it for a bit, but uppon logging out and then trying again i have the redirect issue.

    So….I cleared my tables, and deleted the directory, and re-uploaded the WP files directly onto the root directory…and i get the same thing

    redirects to

    and i get:

    Directory Listing Denied
    This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.

    on my page. I’ve tried this in IE and FireFox to no avail…

    Is There any way to fix this that anyone has found yet?

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