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    Before turning on Multisite, make sure pretty Permalinks work.

    Then, after activation, make sure you replace the .htaccess with the new one.

    I did another install. (Glad I have a packed duplicator backup site zip file and an installer.php to easily do another install.)

    This time I went into Permalinks and selected month, year etc and saved changes.

    Followed the standard setup of:

    Add to wp-config.php
    ‘wp_allow_multisite’, true

    Deactivated plugins.
    Refreshed the browser. Clicked Network Setup.

    Selected sub domain.
    Clicked install.

    Made a blogs.dir and placed it into the wp-content folder.
    added code into wp-config.

    Then the htaccess file. Clicked login again.

    Tried to login. Even clicked forgot password and created a new.
    Tried another browser. The same result the login screen goes into a loop and gives me no explanation.

    Hmm I do believe I have come across this before. Some time ago, and I have been looking into my notes to figure out what I am doing wrong this time, and how I corrected the mistake.

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    You don’t have a sunrise.php file hanging out in wp-content, do you?

    If I wait a few more hours I bet I will..:) (It is 2.20am here)

    I diden’t dump it in there before doing the above steps. But…. I’ll go into one of my other multisite installs and steal a copy…hmm none there. I went into my clients wp-content folder and took one/duplicated. Placed it into the wp-content. Added the define sunrise on and wp memory limit 64m to wp-config.

    Nope. No sunrise yet. Ok sleep time for me.

    Thanks man..:)

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    I ask becuase having the sunrise can cause this problem, if you were running certain plugins before activating multisite.

    Next step is to try reproducing this on a clean install on the same server.


    As I tried to install WP into my main domain. Which I some time ago found a solution on how to also put in a folder inside public_html. Instead of it taking lots of space all over inside the public_html folder. This kind of redirection or whatever I am to call it made WP multisite not work.

    This means my main site is
    Which originally had it files inside public_html/various folders and files for this domain. I placed into a folder named public_html/bluewinddesign
    similar to other domains that are like so: public_htm/domainnamefolder

    Ok I will need to send this thread to bluehost. Or atleast let them know about this.

    I tested one of the other domains I have. It worked fine.

    Ok this means I will need to contact bluehost.

    — I will then likely use one of my other sites and install a multisite in it. —

    This is what I would like to see in WordPress:

    Under Tools there should be an advanced section. In it one would be able to activate the Network. – Activate Network, select sub folder or sub domain setting. Then click activate and the full network should then be active. During the process a popup will say need to download and install MU Domain mappin plugin, yes to continue or no to cancel. Etc

    Activating a network to use with separate domains is too complex and requires too many steps. It would be nice if either there is a plugin to take care of all of this or that it is some how built into the core. I bet many have asked, and probably a few have looked into easier solutions for activating and using a Network. But I do not know about this.

    As usual Mika, thank you!!

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Oh. Oh. Okay.

    1) Don’t install Multisite in a subfolder and attempt to map domains or run it out of root (i.e. you can’t install WP in /public_html/wordpress and use as the URL, just don’t, it breaks everything).

    2) Domain mapping is complex, and it’s not a core feature of WP for that reason. It’s not that hard, though, once you’ve sorted out how to park domains.

    3) Multisite is, as you’re learning, more complicated. We don’t make it click-to-install not because we can’t but because you need the familiarity with the file system. You need to get used to editing files and FTP/SSHing things, because it’s like learning to drive a stick-shift. Anyone can do it, but it’s a learned skill 😉

    Understand. And since I live in Norway everyone who wants a drivers license here will learn how to drive with a stick-shift. Everyone who wants a multi site with separate domains will have to learn the Multi site stick-shift. Well I am learning a lot along the way….:) Have a great day Mika! (or do you prefer to be called Ipstenu here on the forums?)

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    Wait, really? Everyone in Norway learns stick? I love you guys even more, now! My wife would hate it 😉 (In the US I don’t know anyone who learned to drive since 1990 that knows stick-shift except farmers)

    (I prefer Ipstenu in the forums, but I don’t fuss about it.)

    Most of the cars here in Norway…. well not really sure any more… atleast a bit older cars have the stick-shift. In the US I am used to driving automatic here the stick.
    Btw I had problems with broken image links again on my sub sites…a sidetrack here on this thread. I’ll have to experiment with the htaccess file again… If I need to write more I will go back to the other thread. See’ya around..:)

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