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  • Resolved Ted Thompson


    Upgraded to 2.1 All went fine except now when I try to log in I am sent to /wp-admin/index.htm (which looks like the front page of the Blog) If I manually change the adress in the address bar to /wp-admin/index.php and click GO I get the dashboard and I can admin the site, no problem.

    Seems like it’s specifically with the “log in” button because everywhere else I get the right page.

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  • moshu


    Actually, there is no index.html file in the wp-admin folder that I just downloaded.

    Right… the .htaccess rewite rules are sending me to “see” the frontpage, even tho the address says it’s /wp-admin/index.htm

    I’m thinking that the URL (/wp-admin/index.htm) I’m being sent to doesn’t exist and therefore this is happening.

    Question is, why does the login page try to link me to /wp-admin/index.htm??

    EDIT: ZOMG! Now it works right… I thought it was the cache, so I fushed it, but that didn’t do it – now I tried it again and it’s OK.

    Tis a puzzlement…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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