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Login issues after migrating from dev

  • hornetnz


    I just finished moving our new site from the dev domain (dev.domain.com) to production (www.domain.com) using the Duplicator plugin. There were no errors or issues with the migration.
    It appears as if there is a cookie and/or domain issue going on. The admin bar is not showing up on the public site. It appears like it doesn’t see me as logged in. I verified this by turning on the site maintenance plugin. The other clues I have is the site is at http://www.domain.com, but the admin loads at domain.com. If I try and login to the admin at http://www.domain.com/wp-admin, my login doesn’t work. The site files are installed in a directory of domain.com, not http://www.domain.com. I’m also getting an error with a font file being called from css, that is being called via domain.com/file instead of http://www.domain.com/file.
    Can anyone advise?

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