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    Hi people!

    I couldnt login to any of my blogs a while ago. I got this message:

    Warning: exec() [function.exec]: Unable to fork [/usr/bin/file -v 2>&1] in /homepages/35/d406052963/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ewww-image-optimizer/ewww-image-optimizer.php on line 181

    As well as lines: 148, 157, 163, 169.

    How is this possible? Yesterday i uploaded a qr code – maybe that is difficult or impossible to optimize?

    This is annoying. The only way i could login was deleting the file.

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    I’ll have to do some looking into this. Those functions should not be called on the login page (I don’t think so, anyway). I’ll let you know what I find out. Got a major bug to squash in the meantime, so it could be a couple days.

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    in the meantime, what OS are you running this blog on, and what version of PHP.

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    You can probably forget the last 2 posts…

    Being unable to fork means your server has too many processes running. From my research, it generally occurs on Mac OSX or Windows, but it will happen any time that your server hits the configured process limit and tries to call a function with exec(). No way around that except to raise the limit or kill some processes (a reboot might be a quick way to accomplish that).

    Ok, thanks.

    Just for full information: Sometimes it happens as soon as i try to log in. Yeah, refreshing seems to be enough to make the error messages disappear.

    However, just to understand: What do you mean by “server hits the configured process limit”? (I’m a newbie). Host is 1&1 and i’m supposed to have unlimited traffic. I work on mac.

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    From what I was reading (I’ve never experienced this myself), there is a limit set to the number of process that can be running on any *NIX computer. When that limit is reached, no more processes can be started. Your site will still continue to serve web pages, because the web server process is already running.

    However, when the optimizer plugin tries to run the checks, it runs into problems because it needs to start processes in addition to what the web server already has. On a normal system, this shouldn’t be a problem. So, either 1&1 has things locked down a bit tight OR they’ve overloaded that shared server and the users are running more processes than expected. You’ll have to check with 1&1 to get a resolution to the problem. Doesn’t sound like it is consistent (which it likely wouldn’t be on a shared server), but if it is frequent, I would bug 1&1 about fixing something on that server.

    Ok, thanks a lot for your help —as well as for your plugin i recommend to those reading this. I’ll get better informed about it all, because i also found lots of logs files coming out from don’t know where.

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