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    If I have login guard enabled it shows and works fine on the /wp-admin/ login page but on the user login /my-account/ page the “I’m a human” tick box doesn’t show, so when you try and login there the site pops up saying to check that you’re not a bot.
    Do you think this a theme issue, WooCommerce issue or a Shield issue?
    I have temporarily disabled the login guard because none of my users can login to buy products.

    I appreciate any help you can offer.

    Thanks Hurri

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Paul


    Hi Hurri,

    Support for 3rd party plugins and login systems, like WooCommerce, is provided for only in the Pro version. Typically sites that use these systems are themselves professional/business applications, and there’s a load of extra testing, custom implementation required to support these 3rd party login systems.

    If you’re interested to go Pro, we’ve made it very accessible to everyone on any kind of budget: https://onedollarplugin.com/products/shield-security/pro/

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Paul,

    I appreciate your position and have been thinking about your comment.
    It’s not about the money, which I’m sure you deserve for your hard work but its more about you changing the way your plugin has worked for many years in order to force an upgrade your Pro version.
    The point is that your plugin ALWAYS worked with woocommerce, allowing users to login when making a purchase. Its not something new that you are developing or have developed, especially to work with woocommerce.
    Our sites simply stopped working without warning. Our customers just couldn’t check out.
    We only found this out when one of our customers called us to ask how to buy something from us.

    In my opinion, you’re welcome to run your business how ever you like, but if you’re giving a plugin away for free that has always worked then I would expect, at the very least, to be warned that if we use your plugin with woocommerce that our customers wont be able to log in.
    You certainly have enough banners popping up every time I log into the backend, perhaps one of those could be a warning to us woocommerce users.

    Although I’ve rated your plugin with 5 stars and I think its a good plugin and would have been happy to pay your subscription, your approach has put me off, so I switched to another plugin and am advising my clients to do the same.

    Plugin Author One Dollar Plugin


    Since remotely stating that we supported Woo, we maintained that this was a pro feature. The problem was that there were serious issues with our implementation. It was “working” for you because it wasn’t “working correctly”. We completely rebuilt the system for the login guard to make sure it covered all the angles and allowed us to more reliably extend support for other 3rd party login implementations, as it was getting out of hand and increasingly unreliable… after that, it then started operating “as advertised”.

    Support for Woo with Pro was nothing new, it just so happened that our implementation was faulty.

    The premise of your position is that we did it to “force” people to switch to pro. We did nothing of the sort. Though I can, of course, see how it would appear that way.

    I respect your decision, and I appreciate your review and your keeping it at 5*. I would have hoped that our consistent approach to development, retaining a huge array of free features, support, and communication, would have engendered some trust over the 5+ years we’ve been doing this. Alas that’s not the case here. But I get it, as you got burned when we released our fixes. Apologies for that.

    Best of luck going forward.

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