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Login gets me on a blank page

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  • Hi all,

    It went very well to on installation but now..

    I can register a user after enabling user registration from the admin. I get a page cannot be found yet all the other pages load and my registration file is there too.

    Can some asist me. Thanks

    …eh? how is that supposed to help my problem? @_@;;

    i think you meant to post a new topic….

    Disable the plugins.

    Go in via FTP or SSH and change the folder name from plugins to ‘plugins-old’

    I tried doing that, but nothing changed D:

    Was this a new install or an upgrade?

    a new install o:

    and at first i thought the files werent properly installed, cause i had troubles with my ftp, so i deleted everything including the mysqp and remade everything anew. :c



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    Did you re-install from a fresh download of WordPress?

    Hi Aerius,
    I have the same problem…
    In stalled on my local machine that i use to develop web apps using php and Apache server.
    In stalled ok… (new install)
    1. admin launched and i browsed the admin area.
    2. reading the instructions i clicked top left to open the blog example.
    3. No blog – just opened the file listing for the wp directory…
    4. Decided to re-install from scratch..
    5. Now i get the admin login and i can enter the user and password.
    6. Then get blank page as you describe!

    7. enabled debug… define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
    8. error message…
    Warning: fopen(http://localhost/wordpress/wp/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream.

    9. I had no problem with admin the first time i installed.




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    @rodsimm: Don’t highjack another poster’s thread. Post a new topic.

    @aerius im having the same problem and ive renamed the plug-in folder but still cant figure it out any help @ esmi? BTW this is a fresh install



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    Try re-uploading all file & folders from a fresh download of WordPress.

    woah everybody is invading my help thread @___@;;;

    I’ll re-download the whole folder and re-install it. Then come back here and give feedback again! Let’s hope this works.

    EDIT: okay, i re-installed all the files anew and nothing changed. I’m getting a feeling the database is the problem, so ill try hosting that somewhere else…

    Dear esmi…
    I think i have the same problem regarding the admin page as Aerius i.e. “i just end up on a white page”. Just add ed details on how it happened to me so it might help solve our problem…

    I’ve attempted 2.9.2 clean install and have same issue too – admin login takes me to a blank page.

    Try removing .htaccess. Back it up, though!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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