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  1. aroorda
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    Ok... I'm having issues with a login from my website bringing me to the admin page in the wrong frame...is there a way I can direct the hit when I click the "submit/ login" button?

    <br />
     <div id="login">
       <form name="loginform" id="loginform" action="http://www.thevoiceofiowa.org/blog/wp-login.php" method="post">
         <label>   Username<br />
           <input type="text" name="log" id="user_login" class="input" value="" size="20" tabindex="20" />
         <br />
         <label>    Password<br />
           <input type="password" name="pwd" id="user_pass" class="input" value="" size="20" tabindex="20" />
         <br class="forgetmenot" />
           <input name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever" tabindex="90" />
           Remember Me</label>
         <br class="submit" />
         <input type="submit" name="wp-submit" id="wp-submit" value="Log In" tabindex="100" />
         <input type="hidden" name="redirect_to" value="http://www.thevoiceofiowa.org/blog/wp-admin/" />
         <input type="hidden" name="testcookie" value="1" />
       <link id="nav2"> <a href="http://www.thevoiceofiowa.org/blog/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword" title="Password Lost and Found">Lost your password?</a>
     <br class="login">
    <script type="text/javascript">
      <p id="nav"></p>

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