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  • Have you tried logging in at ?

    Yeah I just did. Same thing happens. Nothing Found.

    So, if I understand you correctly, you can get to your dashboard by going ‘to the blog home page (using the Toolbar button), the Log In option shows Log Out and I can access the site from upper left.’?

    Have you restored the name of your plugins folder?
    Have you deactivated (one at a time) the suspected plugins and checked to see if the issue resolves?
    If that doesn’t work, have you deleted the plugins (one at a time) and checked to see if the issue resolves?

    Things have changed a little. This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Today I clicked the toolbar button for the blog home, clicked the Log In option, and got Nothing Found. Then I clicked on the toolbar button for the login page with the long number after it (above) and the password and captcha go blank. Nothing, not even the Nothing Found page. So then I clicked on the blog home button and got the blog home page where the Log In option was visible. I refreshed the page and the Log In changed to Log Out, indicating I was actually logged in. But I couldn’t get to the Dashboard (got Nothing Found when I clicked the menu at top left). So I clicked on Site Admin, then on Dashboard and finally got there. Like I said, weird.

    Yes I restored the name of the plugin folder. I deleted all three of the updated plugins and reinstalled only Jetpack. I have not systematically deleted all other plugins because they were working fine before the three I updated.

    Basic is fine. I probably need basic because I’ll bet it’s something simple.

    If you go to the register page, and click on the log in you will be taken to the correct page and hopefully the dashboard.

    Thank you for the tip, but it didn’t work on my end. Password and Captcha go blank, but it doesn’t go anywhere. However, once I do that I can go back to the home page, refresh, and the Log In changes to Log Out and this time at least I was able to access the Dashboard from upper left.

    After further study, the site must’ve been hacked. Restored from a backup and the problems went away.

    Thanks all for the help.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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