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    I'm developing an arcade site plugin for WordPress and I'm having a some doubts about the best way to implement one feature.

    This plugin will need to have an "autopost" feature, where a game distributions site (in the case, mochimedia) calls an URL from my site, then my site will call back their "autopost" service that in turn will give as response some XML in JSON format. With this XML I'll create a post containing the game.

    My problem is, as this is all started on their side, and no browser is involved, when the plugin runs it is not logged in. I found two solutions but none of them seemed to me as being the ideal. The first one is to call the wp_signon function, but, as the session is not running in a browser, there will be a COOKIE error, so for a moment I have to change the error report so the plugin won't crash. The other solution is to call the XMLRPC API, which doesn't make much sense to me as I'm making my wordpress call its own RPC and cause in this case as the WP user and password will be sent in plain text trough the network.

    Is there any other solution that I'm missing here? Any suggestion will be welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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