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  • boy I got into the thick of it today… I hadnt logged into blogs on a new install of Firefox on my desktop. So I went to one of my wordpress blogs (i have a few) to login, entered my login/pass and the form would just reset and go nowhere…. the url was then spit out like this:
    well after trying all the cookie resets/cache emptying I still couldnt login.. when I would try a password I know was wrong it would return an error like it should.. but putting in the correct one would do as noted above..
    well I got tired of monkeying with it and just dropped those tables and did a fresh install (this is the 1.3alpha4 of Oct8)
    next, went to login got thru no problems.. excellent….
    well, I then went on my laptop to login and THE SAME thing happened there also…
    now on this site I have 3 wp installs with table prefixes like mainwp, featureswp, articleswp. (note also all three blogs have the same login/pass, not sure if that throws anything off..).
    I am able on both computers to login to the features blog-
    but I get the same problem also on the articleswp, can only get in on one computer.
    Ive tried using safari rather than firefox and its the same thing so Id really appreciate some direction
    thanks alot…

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  • well im now locked out of both blogs on both computers (features blog is still ok)
    I went and had dinner and came back and decided I would try to change the password on one of them in case having all the blogs with the same one was doing it, well it let me change it then went right to the login page saying my session timed out in bold read…
    so now both computers and both blogs give me redirects on login…
    it is recognizing the new passwords that I set tho, but it just gives me the redirect..

    I should say that I changed the passwords on the two blogs that were giving the redirects, I left “features” the same as its working on both computers.

    dropped the tables on the main blog and re-installed fresh
    logged into it with both computers using the numeric generated password. once logged in I set my blog url in options and once that was set I hit the log out button to test it and to try logging back on with both computers. when I hit the logout it didnt leave the options screen. So, I then decided to choose a new password and entered it and saved, and it took me right to the logout screen again but this time its stuck on “session expired” and I cant login on either computer…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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