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  • I tried the Page Restrict and WP Members plugins. Both seem to be doing the trick (at least for me).

    Thanks – does that work for just one post only? (not the whole site?)

    Yes, Page Restrict for instance will give you a list of the pages of your website (and I assume posts as well, but my site doesn’t have any) and you can just select whichever one you want to hide behind a login form.

    Thanks – I can get both installed but can’t get Page restrict to give me any settings?

    WP Member seems to work – but for all posts – how do I restrict that to just one?

    I’m sorry but I’ve already uninstalled WP Members. In my case the settings for Page Restrict are under Settings -> Page Restrict in the WP Dashboard. When you click that, a screen should open that allows you to restrict specific pages and posts and which message people should get when they’re not logged in.

    Did you activate Page Restrict or only install it?

    Hi – Both are installed – WP Members _ i cant figure out out how to restrict it to just one pots, not all …

    Page Restrict – even when activated I cant see many settings?

    You don’t see the Admin page anywhere?:
    Admin Page screenshot

    Hmmm, weird. It works perfectly fine on my website.

    I can only see where it gives the tick box to restrict all posts in options, other tabs are fields, dialogs, emails etc.

    Even when i click block all posts and tehn go to an individual post to unlock it, it stays locked. Cant see your admin page anywhere – can you pint me in teh direction to get to it?


    Groan! Given up on wp members.

    Ok I can get Page restrict to restrict just oen post, but how do you get a registration form to come up (or set one up?) – seems to just give you a login option…

    I think my website works differently than yours. I only want colleagues to be able to register and I can add them myself as WordPress users, so I don’t need a registration form. I assume you want the possibility for people visiting your site to register, right?

    Maybe this helps?

    Page Restrict Plugin – setting username and password for users

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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