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  • Hey there,

    What happens if you login at and go to the Settings -> General and change “WordPress address” and “Site address” to

    That might fix it for you. I suspect what’s happening is when you try to login, WordPress redirects you.

    Please backup your database before making this change though. If it doesn’t work, you may not be able to login from either location

    I hope that helps!

    Yeah it took down the entire site. Now how can i get it back lol. This is such a weird issue. Thanks – JT

    :O Did you backup your database? You will need to either restore it, or go into phpMyAdmin and adjust two values.

    home and siteurl in the wp_options table need to be changed back to the base URL used for your WordPress installation ( in your case, “” ).

    Ok now i have the site back but none of my pages etc are working. Im sure a few more options need to be reconfigured but i have no idea where to start. Any suggestions? – JT

    Resetting those options back should be it, but I would recommend re-saving the Settings -> General page with those values to make sure.

    Ok i resaved that and it still can not find my pages. When i go into dashboard and click pages i se them all and also on the menu but when i go to the page and click the menu option, page isnt found. Can you take a look at for me to see what its doing? Thank you – JT

    You could try re-saving your permalinks? That sounds like a permalink issue to me.

    ok i just made anew page and i published it. Then i clicked view page and it couldnt find it. How can i resave my permalinks? Thank you – JT

    Go to Settings -> Permalinks, and save. That should do it! 🙂

    Awesome ok thank you so much that is all fixed now. But back to the original question. Can i have a masked forwarded domain for my wordpress? And also why wont it let me login from the forwarded domain? Any other ideas how to get that up and running? – JT

    In my experience, WordPress doesn’t like you logging in from a domain other than the one specified in those fields under Settings -> General. It will try to redirect and possibly just fail to log you in.

    If my original suggestion doesn’t work, perhaps someone else can help. Sorry!

    Japh thank you again. Im going to see if anyone else knows about this issue – JT



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    Do not use masked forwarding with WordPress. It can create all kinds of problems.

    ok ill remove the mask and see what happens thanks – JT

    That did it thank you – JT

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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