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  • Is this a known problem.

    No. Are you aware that JetPack is not the same logon as your site or this site? Are you clearing out your cookies and cache on your browser when switching between the three different logins?

    I havent cleared out the cache or cookies. I have jetpack installed, but then it says I need to connect to wordpress, then it asks me to login using my wordpress username and login – should I have a seperate jetpack login? Should I set up an account seperately with Jetpack, assuming I didnt do that when I installed it initially

    JetPack requires a WordPress.COM user account – which is totally separate from your user account on these forums or your user account on your WP site.

    If you happen to use the same user login info on more than one of these accounts, cookies (password remember) may or may not work.

    ok, thanks heaps, I will go to Jetpack and see if I can work out how to set that up. Really appreciate your help.

    I will have to try this on the home computer. I tried going to Jetpack, and logging in but each time I put in my email, it says you already have an account, but wont accept my usual password. I understand what your saying I think. I log into the forum with one account, wordpress to my blog site with another account and then I need a third one for Jetpack, but it keeps telling me I already have an account so I am a bit stumped and dont want to use a different email address. It must be this work computer and clearing cookies an cache etc is tied down by admin so I can’t do it. Will give it another go at home

    The account you will need at your Dashboard in order to connect Jetpack to will work here:

    So, maybe going there and trying what you have will help sort things out.

    I still cant make this work and require further assistance please. I log on to my blog with the login. When I open jetpack it tells me to connect to Everytime I start with my email it says I already have a login (the one I use to log into my blog) so I put that in (email and password and it wont let me in). Do I need to set up another new account with another email perhaps. will that be the only way to work around this. I am perplexed by needing to have two logins both to Apologies, but just cant work this out. I have tried to install the Jetpack stats plugin and when I open a graph in posts it says, “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”, so I assume this confirms I have not connected jetpack and WordPress.

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    I log on to my blog with the login. When I open jetpack it tells me to connect to

    As it looks like you are having a Jetpack problem it might be more helpful to you if you post in that dedicated sub-forum.

    Finally got it to work, thanks to all those who replied. Had to use a different email address to the one I use to log into my blog and then it all worked

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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