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  1. slushpilejs
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm testing out WP 2.7-rc1 along with reBlog 2.0b2.

    I understand that WordPress deprecated the usage of the wordpressuser and wordpresspass cookies in favour of a consolidated cookie which combines the username with a cookie hash (expiry, hmac). reBlog is still looking for wordpressuser and wordpresspass.

    So, I'm what the best way (and simplest way) to use the new cookie for WordPress login checking. I'm not asking for help with reBlog, but asking a more general question as to how to identify and parse the new cookie without rewriting code that's going to become redundant. The basics of what I *need* to know is how to verify WordPress login. The more larger question is how to do all of this in a future-proof manner.

  2. slushpilejs
    Posted 7 years ago #


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