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    Is it possible to use the login&back function but using a custom login page

    My current options are use login to custom styled login page, but then the user just lands on a blank (user logged in) page

    Or use the login & back option which has the desired effect but the user is directed to the wordpress login page (unprofessional)

    is there any way to combine the two?

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  • plaidpiper


    I’m also interested in a solution for this. Seems like the missing piece of the puzzle.

    yes also interested this topic, login and back directs user to WP core login which I don’t use. I prefer to use my custom login page and back..

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @gayeizg, @itsmrwalshtoyou, @robtucker168 – So this might be “the missing piece” but it is not missing from our end 😋.

    This would only be possible if the custom login page supported it and did it the same way WordPress core does.

    We won’t be modifying our code to support 3rd party landing pages that do not fit that standardized method of redirecting.

    Essentially all we do is call wp_login_url() to get the login link, then append redirect={current_url}.

    WordPress does everything else, as the default login page accepts redirect=url and will send the logged in users to that page after successful login.

    As you can see we don’t have any part in that flow at this time.

    So IF your custom login solution filterw wp_login_url & will allow passing ?redirect parameter to the custom page then it should work out of the box.

    If not you would need to request the 3rd party dev to add it to make it work.

    Hope that helps.

    First of all, thank you for fast reply and this great elegant free theme. Really does its work with simplicity. Thank you for that.
    And yes I understand what you mean. Now I am thinking maybe I should redirect wp-login page to my custom login page properly with function.php maybe? I say properly because that should be my login plugin’s work and its not doing that. That should solve the problem I guess.

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @gayeizg – Filtering wp_login_url will make our login links and any other WP login links point to a custom URL if that is what you mean.

    For them to redirect that custom login form would also need to be set up to handle the redirect if the URL contains one for that part to work.

    Hello again,
    well, user login plugins totally not redirecting, I tried many of them and they are not working when it comes to redirect current page. As you warn me about it, login forms need to be setup to handle redirection. I am not very techie, I found a few how to videos on Youtube but needs php coding and I dunno how and what to edit.. so this become pain for me. Maybe I should just use the WP core register and login to ease this pain. Really dunno what to do. But thank you again for your time.


    Perhaps this helps:

    I use a custom message:


    The shortcode is (inserted whitd Code Snippets):

    add_shortcode( 'only_registered', function () {
    	$out = '<p>content only for registered</br><a class="register" href="#modal-register" data-toggle="ml-modal">Login</a></p>';
    	return $out;
    } );

    The modal popup login is using the Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

    The user logins and stay in the same page (but logged!)

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