• PHP Version 4.1.2
    WordPress 1.2
    Ok here´s my problem. Installation just runs fine, without any errors. PHPmyadmin shows, WP created the tables.
    Problem is: when i click the login link after step3 it gets me to the login interface and i can insert my data. When i click login it gets me an 404 – file couldn found. After this, it doesnt even find the login.php anymore: 404 even there.
    The path i needed to insert for installation is correct. Everything is in the correct place on the server, it just can not be found.
    Any advice ?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If you provided a link, and because I can’t see any php files, I would look for wp-layout.css and wp-admin.css being in the correct place.
    You could also check that your files really are where you think they are (I have known errors on this) and one way is to upload a small image file to a wp directory and check you can see it in your browser.
    Also, did you upload everything as it came from the zip, or are you trying to do a ‘different directory’ install ?

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