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    About twice a week we have to reset our password because it will not let us login.

    Because you are not using the correct password. perhaps someone else is changing it. You did use the plural “we” above.

    WordPress does not arbitrarily change passwords for you. You do.

    Why is this

    See above.

    right now we reset our password, clicked on the link in the reset password email and have not received a new password.

    Since you have had to do this before, and you just indicated that you got the activation email — obviously thats not a wordpress problem.

    Slow mail isnt a wordpress problem.. its a host issue, or a mail client issue, or something in between.

    me and my fiance are the only ones who have the password and who log. I login to fix up the site and she logs in to blog. No one has changed the password. Sometimes it says incorrect password and then after a few tries it takes it. before anyone mentions it I am certain that I typed it correctly. How you may ask, well I open up my email account to copy and paste the password.

    still have not received that email. I just went into the DB and reset the password there, easier to do it myself. lets see how long I can use that login before it becomes invalid. Seriously why would not take a password and then all of a sudden take it.

    why would not take a password and then all of a sudden take it.

    Having in mind that hundreds of thousands (millions?) are using WP and you are the only one that I can remember complaining about something like this in the last three years… – I am inclined to think there is something wrong with your installation and not with WP.

    i was thinking maybe a setup problem, something doenst have the correct rights. any thoughts on what would cause that as far as the setup goes.

    oh no one knows…. if anyone figures it out let me know.




    ya know, Im going to play devils advocate and suggest that just because you copy and paste the password doesnt mean that you got it right. Someone thats not paying close attention might copy a space at either the beginning or end — Ive down that more than enough times to know that it happens.

    Im not saying that something that would happen over and over again, just that you cannot discount it from happening.

    as far as slow or lost emails.. again, thats a host or a client issue, especially when you’ve already indicated that you have gotten emails previously.

    If you are seeing that repeatedly, I would contact your host. Mail server software does go down, just like everything else.

    we all the other emails to our account except for this one. I will just from now on change the password from inside the DB and not worry with wordpress sending me a email with my password. I will see how long that password stays good for.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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