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  • Hello,

    I’m having a bit of an issue with this at the moment, I’ve previously used it to display IP’s and countries which works well, so I’m assuming my install of the plugin was successful.

    I’ve got a bit of code that looks like this inserted into my header, the intention is to display one set of contact details for Europe, one for the UAE and one for Qatar (with a few exceptions):

    <?php echo do_shortcode( '[CBC country="al, ad, aq, at, be, ba, br, bg, ca, hr, cy, cz, dk, ee, fk, fo, fi, fr, ge, de, gi, gr, gg, va, hu, is, ie, im, il, it, je, lv, li, lt, lu, mk, mt, mc, me, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, rs, sk, si, za, es, se, ch, ua, gb, us, uz"]<div id="logoname"><a href="#" title=""><img src=""></a></div><div id="quick_contact"><br><p>Contact us...</p><p>Tel: #</p><p>Email: <a href="#">#/a></p></div>[/CBC]'); ?>
        <?php echo do_shortcode( '[CBC country="af, ax, dz, as, ao, ai, ag, ar, am, aw, au, az, bs, bh, bd, bb, by, bz, bj, bm, bt, bo, bq, bw, bv, io, bn, bf, bi, kh, cm, cv, ky, cf, td, cl, cn, cx, cc, co, km, cg, cd, ck, cr, ci, cu, cw, dj, dm, do, ec, eg, sv, gq, er, et, fj, gf, pf, tf, ga, gm, gh, gl, gd, gp, gu, gt, gn, gw, gy, ht, hm, hn, hk, in, id, ir, iq, jm, jp, jo, kz, ke, ki, kp, kr, kw, kg, la, lb, ls, lr, ly, mo, mg, mw, my, mv, ml, mh, mq, mr, mu, yt, mx, fm, md, mn, ms, ma, mz, mm, na, nr, np, nc, nz, ni, ne, ng, nu, nf, mp, om, pk, pw, ps, pa, pg, py, pe, ph, pn, pr, re, ru, rw, bl, sh, kn, lc, mf, pm, vc, ws, sm, st, sa, sn, sc, sl, sg, sx, sb, so, gs, ss, lk, sd, sr, sj, sz, sy, tw, tj, tz, th, tl, tg, tk, to, tt, tn, tr, tm, tc, tv, ug, ae, um, uy, vu, ve, vn, vg, vi, wf, eh, ye, zm, zw"]<div id="logoname"><a href="#" title=""><img src=""></a></div><div id="quick_contact"><br><p>Contact us...</p><p>Tel: #</p><p>Email: <a href="mailto:#">#</a></p></div>[/CBC]'); ?>
        <?php echo do_shortcode( '[CBC country="qa"]<div id="logoname"><a href="#" title=""><img src=""></a></div><div id="quick_contact"><br><p>Contact us...</p><p>Tel:#</p><p>Email: <a href="mailto:#">#</a></p></div>[/CBC]'); ?>

    Currently not using the show command as your FAQ’s state it will default to Y without it. Rightly or wrongly, I’m using all the country codes on the list that’s also linked from your FAQ so everyone should be catered for.

    My problem is, if I use N, then little old me here in the UK can see all 3 options, and if I use Y (or not at all as it is at the moment) I can’t see anything at all.

    I’ve tested my IP with IP2Nation and it shows as being from the UK, which means I should be covered by the gb code in the first set of code, right?

    I’m obviously just not ‘getting’ the logic here, what am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks in advance for your advice.

    Kind regards,


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