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  • Resolved Herbert


    Step 1.

    WordPress 4.9.8
    Classic Editor 0.5
    -> Classic editor settings [x] Replace the Block editor with the Classic editor.

    That’s the setup a few 100.000 users had until today to prepare, as they have been told by @matt in

    No problem, install the Classic Editor plugin and 5.0 will be indistinguishable from 4.9.8 for your posting and editing experience, …

    Step 2.

    Update to WordPress 5.0

    With Classic Editor 0.5 all is “indistinguishable from 4.9.8”, fine.

    Step 3.

    Classic Editor gets updated to 1.0, now:

    Posts list hover menu shows:
    “Block Editor | Classic Editor | Quick Edit | Trash | Preview”

    Edit post screen shows extra metabox “Editor” with Link “Switch to Block Editor”

    That’s clearly not “indistinguishable from 4.9.8”, bad.

    The bug:

    The new setting “Allow users to switch editors” defaults to “Yes” where it should default to “No” if Classic Editor had been installed before and explicitly had been configured to “replace Block Editor”.

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  • davemac


    Agree, this is crazy that it now allows users to switch to Gutenberg, even though previously we had the explicitly set to not allow it.

    Thread Starter Herbert


    Same problem with Classic Editor 1.1.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    Right. There is a new option to allow users to switch editors. It is “on” by default. You can turn it off from Settings -> Writing, then the editor that admin has selected will be for all users and they won’t be able to change it. If you leave it on (if you have other users) you can select either Classic or Block Editor as default on your Profile page, and you can switch editors for each post.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    Also, if you are a network admin, you can network activate Classic Editor plugin. Then there is a checkbox to let site admins change the settings. If it is not checked (default) site admins won’t see any options.



    So irritating!

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    Well, it’s not easy to find the best defaults. It is supposed to work the best for the most users.

    I’m aware people dislike to change options, but….. 🙂



    I have to voice my opinion here sorry, but this is a nightmare for developers who manage multiple sites. I now have to go into each site and either upload code to modify the filter or manually disable it.

    I switched off Gutenberg because I don’t want my clients using it yet. Now, my choice has been ignored.

    At the very least can you consider setting “Allow users to switch editors” to “No” by default?

    Thread Starter Herbert


    It is supposed to work the best for the most users.

    @azaozz It is supposed to work as expected and as @matt promised to serveral 100.000 users of the older version 0.5 of this plugin.

    Users who had switched off the Gutenberg editor in previous versions of Classic Editor plugin expect to have it switched off also in current versions of the plugin.

    It’s pretty simple, if “Replace the Block editor with the Classic editor” setting had been selected before, the default for the new option “Allow users to switch editors” has to be “No”.

    Nothing else, no “it’s not easy”, no “I’m aware of dislike”, no “but….. 🙂”, in this case the default has to be “No”.

    Everything else is a bug. And a betrayal against serveral 100.000 users.

    If there has been no previous setting saved for “Replace the Block editor with the Classic editor” yet, do whatever you want with the default.



    Totally agree – “Allow users to switch editors” should be set to “No” by default.

    I actually opened another ticket about this same issue, not realizing that this was already posted here:

    I just installed the 1.1 update, I went to the posts screen and the first option that I see when I hover the page title is “Block Editor”.

    If someone installs the Classic Editor plugin, it means that they don’t want to use the block editor. The option to switch between editors (Allow users to switch editors) should be disabled by default if one chooses to use the Classic Editor plugin.

    In the past several weeks, we’ve been instructing our users to install the Classic Editor plugin because with the current state of Gutenberg, there is no way to safely convert our elements to blocks. We had the peace of mind that the Classic Editor will help us keep the things in the way everything used to work.

    We’ve been relying on the Classic Editor plugin and now, all the Classic Editor plugin does, is encourage using the block editor as first option. The truth is that not every user is aware of the difference between Classic Editor and Block Editor and this option to switch between the editors can be confusing to many.

    If we, as developers, have decided to enable the Classic Editor plugin, it means that we don’t want our users to use the block editor as it is currently not ready and it could break their sites. What is the point to use the Classic Editor plugin if it by default encourages using the block editor? Are we now supposed to ask them to do the extra step and go and update their options to disable the editor switching?

    Please make the option to switch between editors disabled by default or at least make the classic_editor_plugin_settings filter work in themes. The classic_editor_plugin_settings filter runs upon the plugins_loaded action, which is before the theme is loaded and therefore, we cannot control this option from our themes.

    Thanks for raising this up! This is really bad UX for web administrators… I guess I’m gonna keep our sites on WordPress 4.9.8 and Classic Editor 0.5 for a while.



    Indeed. If we installed classic editor it should be completely default editor. We installed it to replace Guttenberg one.

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    Pádraig Ó Beirn


    The Disable Gutenberg plugin may be a better option.

    Thread Starter Herbert


    @padraigbeirne Thanks for input, but this thread is about the “official” WordPress supported plugin, which currently does not work as promised and a few 100.000 users who as precaution had installed the older 0.5 version are not even aware yet of the malfunction = suddenly again visibility of Gutenberg for their clients, schools, ngo’s, sites which they technically support.

    Besides that, would suggest to follow the coming WordPress 5.x updates in detail, where TinyMCE seems to be moved around/elsewhere/out of core/similar, so maybe the “official” WordPress supported plugin will be the only real option after a while.

    Pádraig Ó Beirn


    I agree with you completely @herbie888
    I have nothing to do with the Disable Gutenberg plugin but it may be a temporary solution, especially for anyone managing a large number of sites, until this ‘bug’ is resolved. If it’s not considered a bug by the developer then at least there’s an alternative option which might be best for some. 👍



    Agreed, this is not good practice. I’ve so far updated only one site to WordPress 5.0 and it was using Classic Editor. After the update of Classic Editor it is now showing links to the Gutenberg editor. This is wrong behaviour. The biggest problem is: people can easily click on it by accident, and mess up. And, of course, expect me “as the hosting provider” to solve the trouble if there will be any.

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