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  • Why am I asked, every single time I try to log into support, to reset my password ? I’ve done this a million times now and still I have to go through the rigmarole every time!

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  • I never get the question…
    There is a notification that WP reset passwords after some problems. The notification does not mean that you have to change passwords, it’s just a note for people mistyping their passwords.

    Interesting. Because it NEVER lets me use the password that I chose, I have to set the whole thing and end up with one that wp has chosen and which I have no hope of ever remembering. Even referring to the email later, it never works.

    Delete your saved passwords from your browser. I know Firefox was a complete ninny when it came to changing passwords.

    thanks. I never saved any passwords.

    Still getting the same issue. Every single time I try to log in with the last password reset, I’m told to reset again.

    That message saying that passwords were reset in June needs to be removed!!!!!

    Why am I still going round and round this loop ?



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    Try emptying your browser cache and deleting all cookies.

    Okay I REALLY am getting fed up with this.

    I’ve followed all your suggestions and still I’m having to log in every single time and get a new password.

    It’s taking up too much time. Would apprecaite it if anyone has any suggestions that I haven’t tried yet.,

    I hate to say it, but it’s you. It’s not your account (everything looks fine and you can post when you log in) so … all I have left is this:

    Try a different browser.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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