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  • Ronnie55


    I’ve heard the advice that you should log out of the WP dashboard when you’re done working on the site, to limit AJAX requests?

    My question is: If I completely shut down the browser tab, so that WP isn’t open on any of my tabs, is that the same thing? Or is it still “running”?

    I just wasn’t clear on whether it keeps sending these requests even if I completely shut the tab/window in Google chrome.

    I’ve been doing that, but never logging out of WP, so if that’s putting a strain on my server, I want to know, so that i can start logging out.

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  • Joy


    The AJAX request needs a client to run the code, so if no WordPress pages are open in your browser, it’s not running any AJAX requests.



    If a browser tab is open to the WP admin area, the “heartbeat” AJAX requests are being sent, even if the tab is not in focus. When you’re done with the admin area, you should close that tab on your browser — there’s no need to log out.

    Also be aware that if you display the admin bar on the frontend, it is possible the “heartbeat” AJAX requests could occur on the frontend as well. This is why I suggest to clients they they limit the frontend admin bar display to logged-in users with “edit post” capabilities.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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