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  1. seaotter
    Posted 11 years ago #

    one, i would like to say that webpress has been the easiest installation ever! in any platform!
    two, now to my problems:
    1. whenever i want to log out, the address duplicates itself
    http://otter.fivio.com/ramble/wp-admin/b2edit.php :: this is the original address prior to logging out
    http://otter.fivio.com/ramble/wp-admin/otter.fivio.com/ramble/b2login.php?action=logout :: this is when i clicked the logout button
    any inkling to the problems?
    2. does the basic installation of WordPress includes a ccs file? as my website is like, not what featured in the opensourcecms.org (sp?)
    thank you

  2. southerngal
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Make sure your path to your blog is correct in the general blog settings. Looks like there was a problem with the set up screen. There should be an http:// on the screen during installation for the blog url, but it's not there.

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