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  • If you used ‘localhost’ in the WordPress address during installation, that is expected behavior and a normal operational characteristic of a ‘localhost’ or address.

    How can I change from “local host” and what do I change it to?

    See Changing_The_Site_URL and use a local network IP address.

    Hi rivercity2,

    it simple. make sure if you are connected each other (have the same IP range, for example both of you have ip address 192.168.1.xx).

    First, create your DB then extract your WordPress to your htdocs folder.
    Then, create a new tab on your browser access your localhost with url: 192.168.1.xx/wordpress (this is your IP address).

    Install WordPress with that url and your friend can access it too.

    Or if you already install your WordPress, you can go to WordPress dashboard > Settings > General. You will see if there are WordPress and Website url. Change the value with your IP address (192.168.1.xx/wordpress)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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