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  • does anyone have any advice?

    in case it helps at all, my blog url is

    if that’s too long, then

    i can’t login to manage my blog or write any entries… i’m just stuck at the login page.

    bump, bump, bump.

    Just solved this on mine – clearing cookies, restarting didn’t work for me either. But I noticed the admin log out was visible on my home page, clicked that and problem was solved.

    unfortunately, no “admin log out” link appears for me. i guess i’ll upload fresh versions of all the directories except for wp-content.

    also, i tried the “?action=logout” method; and that didn’t work.

    oh, and i tried the “/wp-admin/comment.php?action=mac&c=1” method, and that didn’t work.



    Anyone found the solution yet?

    Same thing happens for me. I tried ?action=logout but it didn’t work.

    What host are you using?

    I’m having the same problem with WP 2.6.2 – I log in at wp-login.php, and it returns me to the same page.

    My host is Dreamhost.

    I’m having the same trouble. Mine started a couple of days ago. My wife was in the middle of typing a post, was logged out and, since, we’ve been unable to get beyond wp-login.php. It’ll recognize an incorrect login, but a correct login returns you to the username/password prompt as well. I’ve, since, upgraded to WP 2.6.3, but have seen no change. Coincidentally, my hosting provider is Dreamhost, also.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve resolved my issue. I had to rename the plugins directory (I used old.plugins). After that, when trying to login, I received an error saying my Database was out of date and needed to be updated. I clicked the “do whatever” button and 2 seconds later I was at my dashboard. I renamed old.plugins back to plugins, activated all my old plugins and everything’s working fine so far. Not quite sure what caused it, though. Hope this helps someone.

    bitzer – I think that many people owe you many thanks. I was just able to fix a blog that’s been having this problem for weeks now. My hunch is that all of you have the same plugin installed that was interfering with logging in to update the WP database. By renaming the plugin directory, you effectively disabled that plugin, stopping the interference and allowing you to get to the DB update page.


    btizer – out of curiosity, after you were able to login in did you encounter an error like this one upon going to the Manage Plugins page in admin:

    The plugin ../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../tmp/tmpiNR1gx/sess_7b0e28c049ba9da373a1e901574c02a8 has been deactivated due to an error: Invalid plugin.

    I am a MAJOR newbie having this exact issue. Where do I rename the plug in directory at? In my FTP or Cpanel? I tried it in both and it didn’t fix my problem. thanks in advance

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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