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  • The “friend” shot off his mouth to my wife, so he’s out.

    LOL – well we can’t really help you with that…

    But here’s a lot of good info about using WP:

    For linking to FB, you probably want to use a plugin – see if this will do it for you:

    I just tried that just now.
    It seems I do not have the correct information.
    Can I change it?
    What should I do?


    It’s possible that your hosting company is having login issues due to recent attacks on servers hosting WP sites – see:

    Or you can try resetting your password in a few different ways:

    Don’t you have your login credentials like username and password?
    What about login email?
    Can you login to your hosting account?
    Who is your web host?

    Krishna, I set up an account with wp today. I do have my own account with 1and1 as well. I can log in to them.
    Is my problem with them?
    Like I said talk to me like I’m 2.
    I am still coming out of the dark ages and this is all new territory to me.


    Are you referring to a new site/hosting or your old site that was maintained by your friend?


    I am asking about the site at
    My friend was maintaining it.
    He completely revamped it from the one I had originally.
    I guess maybe my question is do I use WP to log in to it or do I go through 1and1 and where do I find the passwords to use?

    Your login for these forums is not related to your site at all. You should have a different user name and password for your site – if your friend is out of the picture completely and you have no other access (see the link I posted above about resetting your password), then you will need to contact 1and1 for help. Unfortunately, WordPress.ORG has no direct connection to your site (it’s just the software and help forums here). Hopefully, 1and1 can help you :)!

    where do I find the passwords to use?

    If you do not have the password, try to recover it by using the lost your password link. Or reset your password by using the method WPyogi gave above.

    If that site is hosted with 1and1, you may contact them for assistance with the issue. Can’t you?

    Whatever action is to be taken to regain your site is based on the credentials you have to claim the site. We do not have any such information.

    1st, I’d like to thank those of you who worked with me to recover my passwords.

    I find this in your new thread. While congratulating you, I am just curious to know how you recovered your PW. Can you share it here?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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