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    (@kathrynbassett) using 2.0.1 but getting ready to update. I’m Arlene’s webmaster. She just wrote me thus: Kathryn, something is wrong when I give my password to Word Press–won’t let me in. On my computer, no problem since I set the automatic button. Any one else’s computer or at the library, I cannot get in. Have to determine what they have for a password before I can post more than 2 days a week. I can write the stuff at home then need to post where-ever I am. Need the password. I asked Word Press for it–said they had sent an email–I did not get it. Maybe they are slow.

    Assuming the password is the same as when she logs in from home (she knows that one), why can’t she log in from other than home machine?

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  • I asked Word Press for it–said they had sent an email–I did not get it.

    Don’t know who she contacted – if it’s a local installation (meaning, not a account) the only person she could contact is herself. It asks you for your email address when you install it on your server, then provides you with the password on the next screen, and then sends an email to the address provided. If she didn’t get it, then she didn’t put in the right email address (or she deleted it as spam).

    There’s no one she can contact about the password – only herself.

    She put the password in her cookies, sounds like. What I would recommend is have her log in to her admin area from home – where she *can* log in, and change her password. Then she can log in from anywhere – provided she remembers what the new password is (I’m guessing she *thinks* she knows what the password is, but honestly she doesn’t.)

    Sounds logical to me. We’ll check out your suggestions, thanks.

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