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  • If you browse to this URL and read the source code (search it for “author”), you will find your username (usually…assumes 1 admin and that is you).

    Now, you can fix the password per these instructions.

    You cannot change the default admin email. Once you gain access to site. create a new admin user (make sure to document the information for this account). Once you create that new admin user, login and delete the old admin user. You will be prompted upon user deletion to assign posts to another user (so then assign to new admin user).

    Note: you could then repeat the process of creating a new admin UN to re-create the old UN but with the appropriate email. That means use another email for the intermediary admin UN and the one you want to use now for the final admin.

    None of the UN should be ADMIN, or anything similar. Use a complicated UN and a safe password. This is an extra step for security.

    J M


    If you have database access, the Resetting Your Password (Codex Page) provides a solution. You can also use this article to guide you.

    Oh, then please update your site. WP3.6 is very out of date.

    thanks guys for the help.

    I can’t reset my password using the Resetting Your Password (Codex Page)
    As I said previously, they ask for my username and e-mail adress.
    The e-mail adress assigned to my WordPress account or site is no more valid or functionnal. So it means that the WP support will send a message to an unexisted e-mail….

    I will try Pioneer Valley Web Design procedure.
    It looks the way to go.

    thanks again

    Does the update to the latest version change the settings
    in our site?

    Does the update to the latest version change the settings
    in our site?

    No, that is not how WordPress works. You should keep WP up to date at all times and review that your theme and plugins are following suit. If they are not, use others.

    thanks again!
    I really appreciate it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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