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    Hello Jacob –
    Thank you for this great plugin. I am looking forward to getting it working 100%.
    I have made table setting changes to increase the size of the popup when mouse-over occurs (Table I-C-8) and have set up events for a mouse click to go into slideshow mode. All works well when a user is logged in. However if a user is not logged in, behavior for the mouse-over goes back to a default popup size, and clicking on the image does nothing (no slideshow). In fact, if I am logged in, viewing a slideshow and log out, the slideshow stops and remains disabled until I log in again. For my site, the desired behavior is to have logged in and non-logged in users enabled to see the slideshow.

    I have perused table VII but have not found anything that helps. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    It looks as if you have a theme setting, or a plugin or anything that is supposed to increase security on your site that simply discards any querystring.
    E.g. ?wppa-occur=1&wppa-album=1&wppa-photo=5 is entirely discarded, while here is the information in to tell the site what to display; in this case a slideshow of album number 1 starting at photo number 5. As this querystring is ‘thrown away’ clicking the popup image just returns to the original page as if the querystring did not exist.

    Inspect your other plugins, disbale them temporarely to test if you find one that acts as described, and if you find it, please tell me so i can put it in the documentation to help other users in the future.

    Maybe you have a caching plugin active that ignores querystrings?

    Found it!

    I am using the TablePress plug-in (Version 1.4 By Tobias Bäthge). My shortcode to launch the Album is in a TablePress cell. If the Album shortcode is moved to a standard page, the issue described in this post goes away. I don’t know the details, but I do know that TablePress does have some security related features. Those features must be affecting WPPA querystrings when WPPA shortcode is embedded in a TablePress Cell. I will let Tobias know.

    Thanks very much for your reply. Your advice was good.

    Jacob – FYI, more info on this issue and it’s resolution:

    For WPPA to work correctly in a TablePress table, the table needs to be configured disable output caching. Details here:

    Thanks, Mark


    as a more technical explanation: When the cached version of the table is being used, the JS for WP Photo Album Plus was is not embedded, as the Shortcode is not executed. Turning that off using the extra parameter will tell TablePress to always use a fresh and not the cached version.


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Thanx you both. I will add a link to this in the docs.


    great! Thanks a lot! Hopefully, not too many people will be affected by this.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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