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  • I have a site that uses mutli-blogs as a way of separating content. Is there a way to have a user log into all blogs with a single login? What’s happening is that a user appears logged into blog a but then needs to relogin into blog b – at least this is what appears to occur on my site.

    I’ve searched but can’t seem to find how to solve this issue when the users session is started on one blog.

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  • Are the blogs using 1 WordPress installation and then multisite for the different blogs or are you using different WordPress installations for each blog?

    Perhaps using a multisite setup with 1 WordPress installation will keep a user logged into all blogs on which they are a user.

    It’s one wordpress install and then multisite blogs. I would have thought that there must be some switch to control how sessions would work. After all, if it’s one install and multisite you wouldn’t want to have users who sign up for Dave’s blog be automatically added to John’s blog and have a single membership.

    I’ll try to confirm what happens when I switch blogs and see what happens with the comments, although I doubt it’s the login plugin which should be irrelevant. After all, if the cookie says you’re logged in you should be logged in.

    OK — here’s the scoop. If I have 1 theme on different blogs, the login is consistent in each blog. However, if I assign a different theme to the other blogs, it appears that WordPress is not logged into those other themes. This is despite the fact that they are virtually identical. I’m not sure why.

    @thelaw – sorry for contacting through this post – a year ago you had probs with removing the category base, just wondering if you ever resolved this.

    It seems that at one level cat slugs are fine but as soon as you enter a subcat you get the category base inserted.

    apologies again for hijacking this feed!

    I had a similar problem, where two multisite blogs weren’t recognising the login from one another. They had different subdomains which needed to be mentioned in the config.php in order to identify the cookie as applying to both.

    define(‘COOKIE_DOMAIN’, ‘’);

    ** Note the ‘.’ indicating any subdomain

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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