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  • I have an old version installed. Version 2.6, I think, that was just chugging along fine.
    I read through this:
    but I am logged in. When I try to edit a post I see this url –

    But what I see is a screen of one post after another in a long line. I printed out 26 pages of content.

    Again, I can log in and I can log out but when I am logged in I can’t do anything. Can’t get to my dashboard; can’t edit a post although at the bottom of any post where it says “Edit this entry”, I can click to edit that entry and just go to that long screen of posts.

    My first tip off that something was wrong was that the log in screen was changed, no styling, no longer centered. I logged in and then everything I said above. Can’t get to the dashboard, etc.

    Any suggestions? Resources to read?

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  • esmi


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    Site url?
    Forgot to mention that while I did not remove the plugins I did change the directory name thinking that would accomplish the same thing.

    Have not added any plugins recently.



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    The best method is to resetting the plugins folder by phpMyAdmin. Sometimes, an apparently inactive plugin can still cause problems.



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    The site appears to be working fine and I can’t see any obvious signs of a hack, so it could be that a few files have become corrupt. You could try re-uploading the wp-admin and wp-includes folders from a fresh download of WordPress 2.5.1 – which incidentally, is the version that you’re currently using.

    Did the second method since the instructions read as if there is no real difference between the two methods. No change.
    I did:
    Create an empty plugins folder

    * Via FTP or your host’s control panel, navigate to the wp-contents folder (directory) – etc. Rename to plugins-hold. Created a new /plugins folder.

    Same problem.

    Really appreciate your help. I’m off to pick up my granddaughter shortly is why I won’t immediately respond to any more of your help for a while. At least a few hours.

    Ok, I’ll Google that 2.5.1 download when I get back and freshen up the files. Upgrading would take more than just uploading newer files, right?



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    You really do need to try the phpMyAdmin method. There is a difference.

    Ok. I will do the phpMyAdmin. I didn’t think there would be a difference. I’ll do that tomorrow. Thanks again.

    No. Changed field via phpMyAdmin, change took effect but there’s no difference.

    Loaded fresh directories as you mentioned above but there’s no change.

    Can I do a fresh install of the current WP version manually and use the same db name/user name in the current wp-config and have a reasonable expectation of it running off of the current db? But, then I wonder if the same problem would just carry over to the new install.

    Are there any easy directions for backing up my db and reloading it to a new db/new WP install? I have a ton of posts that I would hate to lose if there is an easy way around that.

    Raymond Ch, a support tech at Hostgator has given me at least 30 to 45 minutes of online trouble shooting, stuff they are checking, and really going over board trying to help.

    My problem has been escalated for even more technical help. Those people are outstanding. Especially Raymond Ch.

    It turns out that it was something with my .htaccess file. I’m not aware of having done anything in the last year that would have affected it had a recent date on it. So maybe someone was trying to hack my site? Don’t know enough about that to pass judgment on it.

    If you arrived here looking for solutions to a similar problem include checking out your .htaccess file.

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