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    Hi folks,

    Latest version of WP and Coming Soon plugin.

    ‘Coming Soon Mode Active’ has been working like a dream until last few hours. Now, despite being logged in as WP Admin, when I preview the site I’m only seeing the Coming Soon page, meaning I’m unable to preview changes unless I disable the plugin.

    I’ve not added any new plugins since this issue has arisen, I’ve cleared WP cache, browser cache, tried in other browsers and I’m not using endurance cache – any ideas?

    Many thanks.

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    Turn off the coming soon page and then view your site and see if you see the WordPress black admin bar when viewing the site when logged in. If not then you have a caching or cookie issue.

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    Disabling WP Fastest Cache has allowed me to view the site.

    What is strange is that this plugin has been active since I first installed Coming Soon and they have been working in harmony for several days.

    Anyway, at least I can view the site again with Coming Soon active.


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    I have the same problem:
    1. The plugin works fine for about 2 weeks
    2. Meanwhile I use ultimate GDPR to comply with the data protection law
    3. Testing the GDPR plugin I block all the cookies
    4. Even into my wordpress session I only view the maintenance page
    5. I deactivate both plugins, activate them alternately, in different order. Nothing: only can see my web if “coming soon” plugin is deactivated.
    6.Also, when I try to disable the plugin from the control: Content>general>state it takes me to a blank error page with this message:

    Not Acceptable
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server.

    I don’t know how to fix this problem and I’m in a hurry


    Alfonso Fernández

    Well, I guess I have to force the session cookie to be saved, which has been permanently blocked by the plugin.

    I disabled yor plugin, visit my web and change parameters to use ALL cookies. I activate again your plugin… and see ONLY maintenance page, even into my wordpress session


    In order to be able to advance in the work I had to change browser

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    We are unsure of the issue because we are not sure what the other plugins that you have installed are doing. The is_user_logged_in function in WordPress will see if the user is logged in and not show the coming soon or maintenance page. What you can do is disable our plugin and then check the frontend of WordPress to check if you see the black admin bar at the top. If not then you must have a misconfigured WordPress setup.

    Hey Guys,
    I’m having the same issue. I’ve just been working on my site https://malavakhotel.co.ke/ and everything has been running smoothly till i took a short break and now I can’t access site to keep customizing, says website under construction. I’ve cleared the cache but that didn’t help…..please advise…Thanks.

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    That under construction page is not coming from our plugin, looks to be coming from cpanel. Check with your host.

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