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  • Check this out:

    What the heck is going on? I’ve not loaded any new plugins, updates, etc. It worked fine yesterday, but now the page is not even loading properly. I can’t read anything!

    Anyone have this before? How do I fix?

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  • Did you do a full refresh of the browser? Try closing the browser and waiting for a few minutes than restarting it and see if it works fine. It looks like the stylesheet is not loading fully in the browser, which can happen on slow or interrupted or unstable Internet connections.

    I’m having the same problem “djswizz” I haven’t done anything to make the dashboard look so unorganized and I can’t post anything because the box that I normally post is is so small now. Can anyone help?

    Refreshed, deleted cache, restarted, etc. Does this in Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

    Connection is solid.

    I’m kind of a novice in Word Press, “delete cache” how did you go about getting yours back going ‘djswizz”. My Dashboard looked exactly like yours

    I did not fix it. It’s still happening after those things.


    Here are your options if a complete refresh does not resolve the issue:

    1. Do a complete reinstall of WordPress.

    2. Check with your web host to ensure something isn’t wonky. It could be that you both are on the same web host and the host is having the problems.

    3. Check with your web host to run a virus/malware scan on your server to ensure it hasn’t been hacked.

    If these things don’t work, then more aggressive attempts could be made such as using FTP to rename your Plugin directory and seeing if this resolves the issue due a Plugin issue, changing WordPress Themes (some Themes today hook into the WordPress Administration Panels and can cause errors), or something even more drastic. Let’s keep it simple to begin with.

    I’ve seen this many times over the past few years and it has always been a browser issue.

    Depending upon your browser, to clear the cache, go to the main menu of your browser and look for Tools or Options and choose Privacy or Security or something that offers you the option to clear cookies or history. Try removing history first, as that might do it, and then cookies.

    It’s looks perfect on my phone,only on my laptop that my dashboard is all screwed up.

    Resolved this by reinstalling WordPress and the theme. My account got hacked somehow. Thanks Lorelle for the info.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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