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  • Hello, I have a few blogs and I keep getting some suspect users signing up on some of them. I have been manually deleting them, but i need some way of logging users ip address when they register. This way I can simply ban the users ip from the server. Granted they could get round it by using a proxy, but it would at least stop them from signing up with a new email address.

    Thanks in advance

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  • can I suggest you employ a captcha plugin on your registration page? I know its a pain, but at least its only once, at registration time.

    that’ll do you much better in the long run than stuffing your htaccess files with ip bans. Spambots are good at getting new IPs.

    Thanks for your reply, I already have a captcha and an email verification link.
    maybe Im just paranoid, but Im getting a load of users using the same domain. I want to be able to see their ip so that its easier to spot the losers.

    I dont have a problem with spam and I havent had a problem with my users yet. But I havent used the users section of wordpress much and I am used to forums where the ip is mailed to the admin automatically.

    Also, I will shortly be accepting payment so it would be great if I could check their ip. So for example if they say they live in the USA, but their ip shows russia, then I can delete them as it can safely be assumed they are up to no good.

    Hi Guys….

    this was a really old topic, but what the hell….

    I’m searching for a plug-in or whatever to store registered users IP primarily because i want to know where they live.

    Do anybody know about a solution

    Wait for them to do a post or comment, IP shows right up

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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