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    I’m getting an error with the log reports for 404 records. The report page shows only the drop selector – which is much wider than it should be.
    Details of the report are missing from the page. However, the data is in the page source code.

    All the other tabs work as they should

    Error Reason:

    The error is caused by comment markup <!– getting inserted into the log data as the sample shows

    <option value="3097">/how-to-search-for-real-estate-on-the-internet/PIE/</option><option value="3513">/idx/<!--</option><option value="3171">/idx/PIE/</option>

    This comment markup is inserted before the end of the selector dropdown data. No Comment closing markup is inserted however, so all data is commented out up to after this point in the source code <div class=”clear”></div></div><!– wpbody-content –>

    I’ve tested this off-site using basic HTML files and removing the leading <!– from the code fixes the error. Now to find WHY and WHERE in the plugin code to fix this

    Any Ideas appreciated?

    The image shows the log page

    Checks done:
    All other plugins de-activated
    Theme changed to TwentyTen
    Deleted and Re-installed plugin (several times)

    Not too certain when this started – I think it was when the site was updated to WP 3.5 – December 2012

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  • Never mind – I found the problem. It wasn’t the plugin. 🙂

    A bot tried to crawl DOMAIN/idx/<1– which got recorded and an automatic redirect added to the database.

    I had to edit the database to remove the offending <!– string. After that the log page is working perfectly again.

    The bot came from IP address and requested several malformed URLs. That IP is banned now.

    Nasty to think something like this can cause this disruption – I wonder if there’s any way to prevent it happening in the first place?

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