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  • When I logout from my WP install now, I’m getting that “…embarrassing…” page.

    I haven’t, to my knowledge, changed anything in the wordpress files (php, etc) on the server.

    The only thing that could have changed are some of the contents of the fields in the database.

    I have been experimenting (with out much success) with the theme-my-login plugin, trying to get the New User/Register page to work. I have used the Preview button a few times on unsuccessful coded pages, but that’s about it.

    Any suggestions on how to remedy this will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Well, I finally got the theme-my-login login, register, and lost password pages installed so that the proper edit boxes, etc were set up.

    But the register form did not appear to work because the email never arrived and after clicking the Register button the “…embarrassing…” page was returned: The point of recounting the theme-my-login issues.

    So, I deleted the pages setup with theme-my-login and the theme-my-login plugin…AND…the “…embarassing…” pages are vanquished!

    Amazing what a little lack-of-plugin will do?

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