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  • I will code an option to write the history to disk tomorrow, if I get a chance at work. Good idea.

    For now, clear the cache and see if they can log in again.

    Also download the 4.1 beta version. It has some bug fixes that might apply.


    that would be awesome to be able to download the log and check it out … i’m using this on a busy community so my cache only holds a small amount of time …. also when i see a spammer get through via your dashboard i report them to stop forum spam site …. another idea might be to somehow report new spammers from the dashboard currently i have to go to the stopforumspam web site and fill out there form …good news is i am only see a couple new ones a day registering for accounts now and ones that are able to login still

    would you mind posting a note when you get the log feature done?

    the new spammers are coming in while i’m sleeping and they are gone from the cache/dashboard when i get up so i can only delete their accounts and not block their ips



    I just finished testing the logging function. You can download the beta now. It requires write access to the content folder and makes a directory for storing the text file.

    The log is displayed at the end of the history page and I can see it getting out of hand so I may make a link to view the log. Default max log size is 10,000 bytes. After that it won’t write any more so it doesn’t fill your disk.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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