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    Heyyyyy Hector,

    Today I looked at my favorite plugin’s wp_popularpostssummary table and decided that I don’t need 80.000 rows. I put the log limit from Disabled to 370 days hoping that would delete anything older than that, but to my surprise it didn’t. I’m doing this in Xampp and that might be the reason, but how do I get rid of my precious data. Or do I just do it manually inside the database?

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  • Also on the online version it didn’t delete the table rows older than 370 days.

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    Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Hi @okoth1,

    From the documentation:

    After enabling this feature the old data will be deleted every day around midnight.

    Thanks Hector, next time I will search the docu first.

    Hector, I just checked on XAMPP but the data rows are still in wp_popularpostssummary while it’s 5 hours after midnight.

    I’ll give it a couple of days and then check again.

    Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    Keep in mind that:

    I also use XAMPP for development and ran a test earlier today to check if the task was actually working or not. I set WPP to delete data older than the last 7 days and it worked as expected.

    For this, I used John Blackbourn’s WP Crontrol to edit the task from the dashboard and have it scheduled to run earlier to avoid having to wait until midnight 😉

    Is wpp_cache_event the hook name in WP Control? I clicked on run now but still no luck.

    If I set the Log Limit to 180 days and click on Empty Cache, will everything within the 180 days stay in the wp_popularpostssummary table? I just tried on XAMPP setting the Log Limit to 7 days and clicked on Empty Cache. The whole table was emptied. But I didn’t visit any page on XAMPP in the past 7 days…

    Got it Hector. Running the cron job and setting it to the right amount of days in Log Limit worked without the need to press Empty Cache.


    Plugin Author Héctor Cabrera


    The Empty Cache button -as you already noticed- deletes all data from the _popularpostssummary table. There’s a warning about it in the Tools section (and you even get a confirmation popup before it deletes the data), so you really should consider spending some time reading what things do before trying them out 😛

    Anyways, I’m glad you got it working 🙂 If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask, ok?

    O, I did read it but I couldn’t figure out what tables you were talking about.

    WordPress Popular Posts maintains data in two separate tables: one for storing the most popular entries on a daily basis (from now on, “cache”), and another one to keep the All-time data (from now on, “historical data” or just “data”). If for some reason you need to clear the cache table, or even both historical and cache tables, please use the buttons below to do so.

    Use this button to manually clear entries from WPP cache only

    Use this button to manually clear entries from all WPP data tables

    Maybe it’s better to call it by their table names or add them. There is this table called wp_popularpostsdatacache_backup. That’s the only table with cache in it, so when you write Empty Cache I thought it would clear that table… 😯

    Anyways, still happy with the plugin and that I reduced the table to about 100Mb.

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