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  1. jocejoc27
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've searched alot on this forum & found similar problems, but nothing that answers my question.

    My WordPress blog was working fine...

    ...then yesterday I made some changes, like added the first blog post and changed some settings. Right after I updated my email address (to an email address I just got earlier that day from GoDaddy), it logged me out.

    Since then, it won't let me log in. I'm using the right username & password. I know, because they're viewable in my Godaddy site manager settings. This problem happens on both Google Chrome & Internet Explorer.

    I cleared all saved data on Google Chrome but that didn't help.

    My Godaddy site manager had a WordPress update suggestion, so around about 10 minutes ago I made that update. Godaddy told me that may help my problem.

    The SECOND problem is, right around when the log-in stopped working, my blog also started looking wierd. The formatting changed. See for yourself: http://www.moreroomforjoy.com

    By the way, I have Thesis theme. & I've never added any plug-ins. This is a very new blog & I've hardly made any changes to it.

    Thank you SO SO SO much for any help!!!!!!!!!

  2. jocejoc27
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Oh, I forgot... this might be helpful:

    The site was http://www.thesmartyplantscoach.com before. Then I changed my domain to http://www.moreroomforjoy.com. Both domains are through my host, Godaddy. They said it would be complicated to switch the site to moreroomforjoy, so instead it's still thesmartyplantscoach.com but with "masking" forwarding set, so when someone types in thesmartyplantscoach.com it automatically goes to moreroomforjoy.com.

    Yesterday Godaddy changed my email address for me to joce@moreroomforjoy.com too & deleted my old email address, joce@thesmartplantscoach.com.

    I've tried logging in at both http://www.moreroomforjoy.com/wp-admin & http://www.thesmartyplantscoach.com/wp-admin. Neither works.

  3. jocejoc27
    Posted 5 years ago #

    UPDATE: I RESOLVED this. I called Godaddy to see if a second Godaddy person would be more helpful. They realized it was a problem with how the masking/forwarding was set up. They fixed it and now my site looks normal and I can log-in easily.

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