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  • Am using 1.2.2

    Had been fidgeting with subcategories settings in the index.php (and the css, but that doesn’t matter much). Next thing I knew, I couldn’t log in.

    Used phpMyadmin to add new admin p/w data to a new copy of the wp-login file. Still didn’t work.

    Also changed the $wpdb->users to $tableusers in the UPDATE section of wp-login per the fix in support. Then requested a password through the login dialog and got this:

    Password Lost and Changed for user: admin

    That was real nice, but not too helpful! Changed to what?!

    Anyway, may just reinstall the whole thing, but does anyone have a better idea?


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  • Moderator James Huff


    Well, the password should have been emailed to the email account which you entered as your admin email. However since it wasn’t, and since the password was changed, there’s little left to do than dump your browser’s cache and cookies, and reset your password correctly via phpmyadmin, which it sounds like you didn’t do (the “correctly” part). Resetting your password via phpmyadmin has nothing to with wp-login. I highly suggest that you replace wp-login.php with a new file and follow this tutorial:

    I was using the ‘Login Trouble’ How-t0 from the Codex which suggests replacing the wp-login file before going into the phpMyadmin to paste the MD5 password info generated from the hasher tool.

    Anyway, just after posting the original, I received a second email (perhaps I has done the lost password routine also before going through this Codex fix). I see that my emails to the admin address are very slow. This second one did give me a password, but using it caused a redirect back to the login screen.

    Even if I have to go back and try the Tampa login tutorial, it still seems strange to get this problem – a loop back to the login screen with no message; just the input fields blanked out.

    Actually, I noticed the redirect wasn’t to exactly the same place:

    The wp-admin at the end of the string is different.

    I’m having the same problem – it seems like a redirect thing. The only thing I did differently today was add a comment spam plug-in. I don’t understand why my wp-admin redirects would stop working all of a sudden….

    Moderator James Huff


    Use phpmyadmin and make sure that your site_url and home values are correct.

    yeah the site_url and home values are fine!

    I can access my /wp-admin/post.php file and post and do everything like that, but whenever a page is supposed to redirect to another page, I just get a white screen and it stops loading. (like after I hit send post, it goes to a white screen)

    Just went over the tamba2 tutorial. Thank you for the link to this. The other tutorial I used was only different in its using a third-party utility to generate the md5 encryption. My hunch is that something else is afoot.

    Macmanx, can you (or anyone else out there) affirm seeing a different problem with login like this one?


    Moderator James Huff


    I haven’t experience it, but I’ve heard of it. The users who have the problem usually sort it out from this page:

    Moderator James Huff


    You may want to try disabling all plugins, either through the Plugins menu, or by removing them from /wp-content/plugins/. Here’s a good chunk of some other threads on this issue:

    Nothing there except the how-to.

    Thanks alot macmanx. Just what I needed (sort of).

    There seems to be a problem with email password replacements in 1.2.x though also. Anyone who uses this version should check out the fix by fridgepump here:

    I had the same problem as jesslin, only I didn’t even have an added plugin. 🙂 I have a freshly installed WP, which lets me log in the from the installation screens. I changed the password, and tried to logout – no worky there. It just wouldn’t log me out. So I tried to login from a different machine – that gave me the login page loop: the login page with the fields cleared and the encoded query string to the wp-admin directory (like so http://my-correct-url/wordpress/wp-login.php?redirect_to=%2Fwordpress%2Fwp-admin%2F

    So, I tried all the same fixes as paperlion. Then I installed a new wp-login.php file from sexygeekgirl’s site. Same problem for a while. Then I cleared my cache and cookies and *typed in* my password, and it worked. I don’t know if it was the typing – god I hope not – but everything seems ok now.

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