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  • Try using one of the methods here:

    You might also want to check with your hosting company – as some have tightened login security in recent months.

    Thanks WPyogi! I tried to find a way in by looking at the codex WP list – but I either need to be in Admin panel – how can I if I can’t log in? – or need to have FTP access. what’s that??? – I tried to look at definition and only got more confused…) argggh… Why would my site provider want to block me from accessing my WP site?

    Why would my site provider want to block me from accessing my WP site?

    Because of brute force attacks on servers – see:

    FTP is a way to access files on a server – it’s not part of WP – ask your hosting company for help with getting it set up. Also see:

    Thanks again. I looked at link about brute attacks and indeed, have been hammered with comments that need moderating. Strangely enough, they are arriving both onto my linked email address, and as a first, into my private address.

    tried contacting my web host, but there is a long wait – they are doing call back.

    Is there a way of asking WP to temporarily suspend a site so that it’s not accessible?

    I tried to contact my web host, Crazy Domains, but they don’t respond – I found out of the net that many people are trying to contact them because their site is down, but no answer or any apology on the phone.

    Not sure what to do now. Can I transfer to another server?

    Oh, sorry to hear that.

    Can I transfer to another server?

    Not unless you have a backup copy of your site and database someplace else.

    good news. I tried again the password recovery, put my user name and this time didn’t get the massage ‘username unknown. then a message was sent to the same email address that was refused before. Go figure… I was able to reset password and now have access to site.

    Now I need to find out how to cancel the ‘leave a message’ feature so that I don’t get the flood of spam messages that need moderating.

    Thanks so much for your help, very appreciated!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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